Minutes of the September 11, 2017 Meeting

SEPTEMBER 11, 2017

5:30 P.M. The Finance Committee met to go over the bills.
CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Hollis called the meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. with the
Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.
PRESENT: Mayor Larry Hollis, Barbara Cantwell, Bruce Fehrenbacher (Attorney),
Art Nutzhorn, Donna Lefler (1 st Ward), Connie Jacobson, Gene Gibler (2 nd Ward),
Rob Finney (3 rd Ward). Ryan Kelly was absent.
CORRECTION OF MINUTES: Page one under Public Hearing; change to City owns
Lot#2 of the Toulon Ridge Sub Division. Page 2 under Report from City
Employees, remove the word small on line one, change to she has all the current
uniform and next to last line change to Gary would like to purchase. Last line on
page one add name Donna Lefler to the 1 no vote. On page 4 under Public
Concerns 3 rd paragraph change to Connie Jacobson said we still have 2 lights on
Main St. still out. 2 nd paragraph change to Jason Musselman said the National
Night Out was a success and next to last sentence changes to say Mike said the
spray patching should start shortly.
Donna Lefler made a motion to accept the minutes as amended, Rob Finney 2 nd .
Motion passed.
CITY CLERKS CASH RECEIPT REPORT: Total Cash Receipts for August $46,541.82.
Rob Finney made a motion to accept Cash Receipt Report, Connie Jacobson 2 nd .
Motion passed.

– 1 –

TREASURERS REPORT: Ending Cash Balance for the month of August
$718,287.40. Connie Jacobson made the motion to accept the Treasurers Report
2 nd by Art Nutzhorn. Motion passed.
brush has been trimmed back on the south side of Commercial and Miller St. Saw
-N- Logs have all the trees done at the quoted price. They went over and above in
their work that was done. They cleaned up and hauled everything away. No mess
for city workers to clean up. Mike had a meeting with Larry and Gary about the
cameras at the city shop. We need a high definition camera. Farnsworth is going
to be giving us quote on what they think the rehab of the tower is going to cost
us. The tower is too good not to rehab does not need replaced. Rehab will be a
minimal cost as to what it would cost to replace.
APPROVAL OF SUBMITTED CLAIMS: Rob Finney said to add Locis to the bills for
the Payroll Laser checks needed to do payroll for $367.72. Pay out of fund 01-11-
651 General Fund would change to $3,502.77 making TOTAL $15,745.19.
Rob Finney made a motion to approve the submitted claims as amended. Donna
Lefler 2 nd . Motion passed.
Donna had a question about the Stark County Booster Club bill for $125.00. It
was a ¼ size add in the sports booklet. Also had a question about a charge of
$61.00 to Stark County Recorder. It was a lien that we added to water customer.
ATTORNEY REPORT: Bruce has charges filed against the Howell properties. So we
have to pursue that.
RED TRUCK BIDS: We have received one bid for $100.00 from Daniel Steelman.
Mike talk to Cernovich and they would give the city $350.00 to scrap if we
dropped it off. Daniel would match the $350.00 if the city could wait a week or so
for the money.

– 2-

Rob Finney made the motion to accept Daniel Steelman’s price of matching
Cernovich’s $350.00 for scrap on the Red Truck and Plow and that he would
finalize no later than Oct 6 th . Donna Lefler 2 nd . Motion passed.
WEBSITE: Jason Musselman said the Website’s name is CityofToulon.com. Old
website is removed. Logo is inspired by the French back ground to Toulon and
also the agriculture economy with the ear corn and a Feur de leis, a French
symbol. There will be agendas, minutes, photos, activities and events on the
website. There will be an ongoing monthly maintaince fee of $50.00. Sid Davis
made a website for the Police Dept. and also the Fire Dept. has a website. So the
City’s website will refer everyone to those websites also.
PUBLIC CONCERNS: Mike wants the ball diamonds to have the bases marked off
so the city guys can go and spray to kill all the grass off the end fields.
Jason Musselman was approached by Bob Taylor that Ashely Karpel is not the first
female officer. Also the street lights up town are still in the works, some have
been fixed and some still have not.
Gene Gibler said the street light in front of Giblers Ice is fixed.
Connie Jacobson has been approached about the Cities burn pile smoldering
down at the plant.
BALL DIAMOND PROPERTY SWAP: Part of baseball diamond actually sets on
Gary’s property. We need to do a swap for corner of diamond with a small piece
of property south of the slaughter house to the creek crossing which is the Cities.
We need to get Bruce a description of the property and a drawing. This will be
held over till next month.
HEATH INSURANCE: The problem with health insurance is the cost. Art has some
quotes. They range from $2,016.74 up to $6,158.00. This a monthly charge for 4
employees. The employers would pay 25 % at a minimum, but most employers
pay more than that. Wyoming’s employees pay 10%. It would be a great benefit
buy don’t know where the money would come from.



Going to do more research on the health insurance.
SOLICITING: Soliciting is harassing the citizens of Toulon. Gary would like to not
allow it at all. Bruce doesn’t think it is enforceable. Bruce will check into it more
and will report back next month’s meeting.
POLICE: Police has purchased 2 rifles. The auxiliary has paid $500.00 towards the
cost. Police had to buy them so they could get the special sale price. Bought 2 for
the price of 1. The price of the rifles for the City would be $709.36. The city
needs a bill before we can pay anything towards the rifles.

Cindy Davidson wants to open a youth center. Wants to open up in Betty
Franklins building on Main Street. She wants the City to pay for rent and the
Larry would like Cindy to get more info and get back with us. She needs to talk to
the Civic Assoc.
Donna Lefler made a motion to go into Executive Session pursuant to Section 2(c)
of the Open Meetings Act to consider issues of employment and/or performance
of employees. Rob Finney 2 nd motion passed. Time was 7:10
Donna Lefler made a motion to leave Executive Session. 2 nd by Gene Gibler
Gene Gibler made a motion to resume into regular meeting at 7:37. Art Nutzhorn
2 nd Motion passed.
Mayor will not have a statement at this time. Gene Gibler made a motion to
adjourn regular meeting. Rob Finney 2 nd . Motion passed.
Adjourned at 7:40