Minutes of the October 10, 2018 Meeting



OCTOBER 10, 2018



FINANCE COMMITTEE:  Met in the water dept. bldg. on 10/09/18 at 1:30 p.m.

PRESENT:  Mayor, Art Nutzhorn, Donna Lefler (1st Ward), Connie Jacobson, (2nd Ward), Rob Finney, Ryan Kelly (3rd Ward) Barbara J Cantwell City Clerk, attorney assistant Carol Perkins.  Gene Gibler absent

CALL TO ORDER:  Mayor Hollis called the regular meeting to order at 6:00 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

MINUTES:  On page 1, 1st sentence removed the word this.  Corrected the spelling of Regular in the heading of minutes. Last paragraph on page 1, changed the word mayor to attorney.  After the sentence where Donna asked what the Twigs bill was for, added, it was for an 8 port GB switch. Changed the word Barb to Barbara.  Under SPLASH PAD paragraph changed spelling of Harkin to Harken. Under MAILBOXES, changed rewrite the ordinance to write a new ordinance. On 3rd page under NAMING THE PARK PAVILION, added the word inch after the measurements of 51 x 33.  Added dollar signs throughout the minutes where needed. Under TIF business a new paragraph after each motion was made on the different FY2019 numbers.  Art Nutzhorn made a motion to accept the minutes as amended.  Connie Jacobson 2nd motion passed.  Ryan Kelly abstained.

CASH RECEIPT REPORT:  Total cash receipts for the month of September is $154,467.24.  Rob Finney made a motion to accept the City Clerks Cash Receipt Report.  Donna Lefler 2nd motion passed.

TREASURERS REPORT:  Ending cash balance for September, 2018 is $885,842.41.


Donna would like the $54.08 removed from the Treasures Report.  It is interest that was added to the certificate back in April of 2016.  It needs removed from the report. Connie Jacobson made a motion to accept the Treasurers Report for September, 2018.  Art Nutzhorn 2nd  motion passed.

REPORTS FROM CITY EMPLOYEE/COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN:  Rob Kamerer reported that the Arrow Head job has been completed.  Rob has been busy with the bank project doing locates. Also Don McCauley and Rob have gotten the 2nd booster pump up and running.  Ryan Kelly wanted to know where the recliner came from down at the sewer plant?  Rob didn’t know but will check the tape.

APPROVAL OF SUBMITTED CLAIMS:  Rob Finney reported that there will be one additional bill from Emblem Enterprises Inc. billed to account 01-21-471, patches for the police dept. $297.75.  Donna Lefler made a motion to accept the submitted claims. Rob Finney 2nd motion passed.

ATTORNEY REPORT:  Carol Perkins is the substitute tonight for Mike Evans.  She is his assistant. Carol has been an attorney for 20 years.  The name of the firm is Michael Evans Law Group. Carol presented a copy of the plat of the survey for the sewage treatment plant and some letters from Bruner Cooper & Zuck dated 2008 & 2009.   

SPLASH PAD:  No new information on the splash pad.  The numbers that were provided on the quote from the manufacturer were just for the material.  So it would double or triple the figures on the quote to have a splash pad. A small pad would run $100,000 to $120,000 range.  The splash pad will be tabled until a later date.

BENT PROPERTY:    The County will do their business on Wednesday the 17th at the county board meeting.  After that meeting the county can deed the property to the city.  It will be just a land swap no money will be exchanged.



MAIL BOXES:  Mayor wants to know what has to be done to make the 3 residents move their mailboxes in question on the corner of Thomas and Franklin St. and also find out what has to be done to help the resident with the hardship case.  This will be held over till next meeting. The attorney is looking into this situation.

SIDEWALK BIDS:  Bids were opened last Wednesday and the low bid was Bob’s Concrete for $13,800.  High bid was $15,274. These were for curb and sidewalk at the funeral home which is in the TIF district and sidewalks at corner of Vine and Franklin and Thomas and Franklin St.  Connie Jacobson made a motion to accept the bid from Bob’s Concrete bid for the 3 locations for $13,800. Art Nutzhorn 2nd motion passed.

CASEY’S FUEL:  Rob Kamerer reported that he got prices from Purtschers for a single wall 500 gal. tank with pump and accessories at $2,100, a dual wall tank 500 gal. with pump and accessories is $3,350.  Prices for 100 gal fuel tank for the back of pickup truck are $420 each plus a hand pump for $75. There would have to be 2 tanks one diesel and one gas. Rob is to get prices for contract and how much fuel is from Putchers and FS a gal.  This will be tabled till next month’s meeting.

PUBLIC CONCERNS:  Bob Mueller reported that LLC is doing everything in their power to get someone in the building.  LLC is going to list the building for sale. There are no more funds available from LLC. Bob is following up with Patel about the Pharmacy.  Lucy Dots is moving to where The Changes used to be located. There would have to be a new TIF agreement written for Lucy Dots because of a new location.  Rob Finney reported that the semi-trucks are parking in front of Rockwell’s drive way on Henderson St. Cones have been put up but they have disappeared. Art Nutzhorn thanked Josh Colgan for a job well done and he could come back.  Ryan Kelly said he had received a complaint about the trucks parked behind the City Hall.




DON SCHMIDT:  Reported that there will be a lot of people in town for Lincoln Day on Oct. 27th.  Wanting to reserve parking in front of Baptist Church and the south end of Aunt Martha’s parking lot.  Will be having a parade, so wanting RT 17 closed during the parade. Courtroom will be open with displays.  There will be food available.

TEAM B BENEFIT:  This is a benefit for Gary Bent’s daughter on November 17th.  She has a brain tumor. Rob Finney made a motion to give a donation of $500 to the benefit for Brittany Day.  The motion failed in lack of a 2nd.  Ryan Kelly made a motion to donate $750 to the Team B Benefit.  Rob Finney 2nd motion passed.


Ryan Kelly made a motion to go in to Executive Session at 8:01 for Section 2C for Employee Compensation.  Connie Jacobson 2nd motion passed.


Rob Finney made a motion at 9:13 to go back into Regular Session.  Art Nutzhorn 2nd motion passed.

Mayor Hollis said they are tabling Employee Compensation until next month so more investigation can be done.  Water Billing Contract will also be tabled till next month and Employee Hours pertains to putting everyone back to an hourly basis.

CELL PHONES:    The current cell phones that the city employees and Mayor have are going to be obsolete by the end of the year.  Police and the Water Dept. want cell phones with a data plan (internet). There are 4 phones total. Donna Lefler made a motion to go with new cell service.  Art Nutzhorn 2nd motion passed.

HALLOWEEN HOURS:  They are going to have trunk or treat up town this year at Methodist Church and Congo Church and a trunk decorating contest.  Trick or Treat hours are set for 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.


PAVILION SIGN:  Larry reported that Jim and Connie Tuttle are paying for the pavilion signs for Mike’s memorial.  Larry would like to get another stone like Al Hills’s stone to put by the flag in park.  Robert Finney made a motion to spend up to $500 on a memorial stone.  Art Nutzhorn 2nd motion passed.

STARK COUNTY JFL DONATION LETTER:  Connie Jacobson made a motion to give the Stark County JFL $500.  Ryan Kelly 2nd motion passed.

DONATION TO TCA:  Rob Finney made a motion to donate $250 to the Toulon Civic Association for Halloween use.  Donna Lefler 2nd motion passed.

NEPTUNE MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT:  It is a quote for Neptune software & belt clip maintenance from Ferguson Waterworks.  Donna Lefler made a motion to go ahead with the renewal quote on the Neptune maintenance agreement for $1,721.30.  Ryan Kelly 2nd motion passed.

EMPLOYEE CODE OF CONDUCT:  Everyone has a copy of the Code of Conduct.  Larry would like everyone to read it. Write down if any comments, additions or changes and we will go over it at next month’s council meeting.

BEA QUOTES FOR WATER DEPT.:  Rob Kamerer would recommend the quote for $7,200 for Install Monitoring Water Facility (dialer).  Rob Finney made a motion to accept the Britton quote dated August 23 for $7,200 for Install Monitoring Water Facility.  Art Nutzhorn 2nd motion passed.

Rob Finney made a motion to repair the Powerflex 400 drive for $3,000.  Art Nutzhorn 2nd motion passed.

Connie Jacobson made a motion to buy the Surplus hardware for $1,470.  Art Nutzhorn 2nd motion passed.

Art Nutzhorn made a motion to adjourn at 9:46.  Rob Finney 2nd motion passed.