Minutes of the April 16, 2020 Special Meeting



APRIL 16, 2020


PRESENT:  Mayor Larry Hollis, City Clerk Barbara J Cantwell, Attorney Michael Evans, absent.

Donna Lefler, Art Nutzhorn​​​​Alderman 1st ward

Jason, Musselman, Connie Jacobson​​​Alderman 2nd ward

Ryan Kelly, Rob Finney (absent)​​​​Alderman 3rdward

STOOP AT BEN & JULIES:  ​Jason Musselmanspoke to Justin Reeise our engineer and said we are $4,040.00 under budget on the project.  This excludes any additional engineering costs.  Repairs will cost $3,500.00.  Ryan Kelly talked to Kyle Howard to explain what was going on.  Kyle was under the impression that the LLC was going to pay for half of the approach.  The Mayor talked to Jim Nowlan and Jim had a meeting with the LLC.  Jim reported that the LLC  understood that there will be some cost and they are willing to split the cost of repairs.  Jason reported the ICCI has been awarded a large project to work on so they need a decision as soon as possible.  Jason Musselman made a motion to pay half of the $3,500.00 repair the stoop in front of Ben & Julies and the remainder of the balance is the Toulon Market LLC responsibility.  Art Nutzhorn 2nd motion passed.


TRASH CAN:  Jason Musselman received a quote from Highland Parks Group for $594.00 a can, 6 cans total $3,564.00 plus $832.00 shipping making a total of $4,396.00.  Mitch Hulsey gave us a quote of $666.00 a can, 6 cans total $3,996.00.  John Ford and Blake Ouartgave a quote of $550.00 a can, 6 cans total $3,300.00.

Jason Musselman made a motion to approve to purchase 6 trash cans from John Ford and Blake Ouartfor a total of $3,300.00.  Connie Jacobson 2nd motion passed.


Art Nutzhorn made a motion to adjourn.  Ryan Kelly 2nd motion passed.