Minutes of the August 10, 2020 Meeting



AUGUST 10, 2020


PRESENT: Mayor Hollis, City Clerk Barbara J Cantwell, Attorney Michael Evans

Donna Lefler, Art Nutzhorn​​​​​Alderman 1st Ward

Connie Jacobson, Jason Musselman​​​​Alderman 2nd Ward

Ryan Kelly, Rob Finney​​​​​​Alderman 3rd Ward

CALL TO ORDER:  Mayor Hollis called the regular meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

MINUTES TO JULY 13, 2020 MEETING:  Added Jason Musselman made a motion to accept the minutes to the June 8th meeting and Donna Lefler 2nd motion passed.  Under CASH RECEIPT REPORT, 2nd line change July to June, also under TREASURER REPORT 2nd line change July to June.  On the 2nd page, the first sentence make it partial water boil to be done on South Prairie.  Under UPTOWN SIDEWALKS 2NDsentence change to the work on the manholes don’t start during Old Settlers.  Page 3 under HYDRANTS QUOTE, 7th sentence change the word Unit to property.   Page 4 first sentence delete the words, amend the agenda and.  Donna Lefler made a motion to accept the minutes as amended.  Art Nutzhorn 2ndmotion passed.  Rob Finney abstained.

CASH RECEIPT REPORT:  Total Cash Receipts for July 2020 is $211,981.10.  Rob Finney made a motion to accept the Cash Receipts for July 2020.  Connie Jacobson 2nd motion passed.  

TREASURER REPORT:  Treasurer Report for July 2020 is $926,894.28.  Donna Lefler made a motion to accept the Treasurer Report for July 2020.  Ryan Kelly 2nd


motion passed.  

REPORT FROM CITY EMPLOYEES/COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN:   Josh Allen reported that when the gas and diesel get down in the tanks they will be putting some support under them.  Have picked up a lot of limbs from the storm.  Jason Musselman reported that he asked some kids to leave the park because of abuse to park equipment and the parents didn’t agree with that decision and told them they could go back.  So, the city police asked the kids to leave the second time.   Also, people have been smoking in the restrooms.  Ryan Kelly reported the new police truck was in a wreck over the Old Settlers weekend.  There was a high speed chase.  The city cops were just backing up the county police.  The grill, fender, bumper, and tire were damaged after it was backed into by the subject involved in the chase.  It is in the shop getting repaired.

APPROVAL OF SUBMITTED CLAIMS:  Rob Finney reported there was one change on Rob Kamerer’s invoice.  Deleted account 21-00-612 and changed the total on 01-41-528 to $36.00 and the amount on account 01-52-612 to $36.00.  Rob Finney made a motion to approve the submitted claims as amended.  Donna Lefler 2nd motion passed.

ATTORNEY REPORT:  Mr. Evans reported that the Peterson Health Care owns the fire hydrants that were in question last month and Peterson’s were having Pipco replace the 2 that are not working.  Mr. Evans would like to have a special meeting about the Codification Codebook.  Some things need decisions made on the ordinances.  Monday, August 24 @ 6:00 was picked to meet at the firehouse.  The police have been doing a good job of enforcing the ordinances, but the per diem fee is high.  What Mr. Evans suggested that the police chief have discretion once the judgment was entered. The violator could get away with paying less than the full amount if they were to cooperate and get it cleaned up.   

CEMETERY:  Art Nutzhorn reported that numerous stones have fallen and in pieces and some are seriously leaning.  He got a quote from Wyoming Monument.  Because of the weight of some of the stones 


the cost to remove the uneven brick foundation, pour a new concrete foundation, re-assemble pieces of the monument, the bid from Wyoming Monument is $650.00.  The general cost to repair smaller monuments the bid from Wyoming Monument is $100.00.  Don Schmidt would like the city employees to observe one of the repairs to be able to assist in any future needed repairs.  If the stones are not repaired, Art suggests the city removes them and replaces it with a nameplate. This is tabled until next month so Art can talk to Don Schmidt.

UPTOWN SIDEWALK PROJECT:  There has been no information from Justin Reeise and he is not at this meeting.  So, this will be held over to next month.

WATER TOWER:  Same on this subject Justin isn’t present for the meeting.  Will be held over till the next meeting. 

FERGUSON SOFTWARE QUOTE:  TJ was present from Ferguson Waterworks to talk about the new 360 software.  Our handheld unit will be obsolete by the end of 2021, no updates will be available.  The manufacture will no longer make parts.  The 360 software will backup the routes and the meter readings to the cloud and the meters will be read by a cell phone.  We will still need to use the belt clip, but it will need the firmware updated, which is included in the maintenance agreement we pay yearly.  Jason Musselman made a motion to accept the Ferguson Waterworks Neptune 360 Essential Software package for $3,702.80.  Donna Lefler 2nd motion passed.

LOCIS QUOTE FOR NEPTUNE 360:  Donna Lefler made a motion to accept the $600.00 programming from Locis.  Connie Jacobson 2nd motion passed.

HYDRANTS:  The City has purchased the new hydrants.  To put them in we would have to shut down the entire city for one full day and hope all goes well or we could put in a line stop, which consists of boring a hole in the line and inflate a balloon, shut that line off, put in the hydrant, then deflate the balloon.  It will cost $2,500.00 per line stop. Mayor reported that Ameren will not charge to hold the poles, which is part of the franchise agreement.  There will be 4 hydrants to put in and hopefully, 2 can get done in one day.



CROSS COUNTRY:  Bob Rennick and Gary Frail were here to represent the cross country team for Stark County.  The Stark County High School will be hosting4 races.  The first one is on August 26th. The course of the race will be crossing over some city property.  There will be volunteers around the course to watch over the kids and there are some places where they would like some cones set out.  There will also be some places where there will be some paint on the ground.  They will be following all IHSA guidelines.  The other races will be held on Sept. 9th, Sept. 23rd, Oct 7th all at 4:00 p.m.   Jason Musselman made a motion to authorize the Cross Country team to use the City property for their course till further notice.  Ryan Kelly 2nd motion passed.  

SIDEWALKS:  Mayor has two quotes from Bob’s Concrete.  One is for the handicapped sidewalk on the other side of the park for $1,400.00 and the other one is for 300 ft. of sidewalk on Jefferson for $9,600.00.  The sidewalk on Vine St. Jason thinks the city employees can do.  Jason Musselman would like the west side of South Miller St. to be considered after these are completed.   Jason Musselman made a motion to approve both quotes from Bob’s Concrete.  Rob Finney 2nd motion passed.

CURBS ON PRAIRIE ST NORTH OF SCHOOL:  Jason Musselman talked to the school superintendent Mr. Elliot about the sidewalk.  Mr. Elliot is going to speak with the engineer about whether or not we should tear the sidewalk out when there might be a new school going up.  Mr. Elliot was supposed to get back with us.  There is a good chance that this will not get done this year.

SAW-N-LOGS:  Josh Allen reported that he has a quote for $325.00 for 2 stumps to be ground up.  Mayor would like from now on the stump grinding to be included in the original quote when the tree is cut down.  Jason Musselman made a motion to approve the quote for $325.00 on the grinding of 2 stumps from Saw-N-Logs.  Art Nutzhorn 2nd motion passed.  


TIF:  Teresa Macy reported that the City did receive another check for $132,447.46.  Art Nutzhorn made a motion to pay Jacob & Klein $464.60 and EC. Development of Bloomington $1,858.40.  Connie Jacobson 2nd Donna Lefler voted no, motion passed.

Donna Lefler made a motion to approve FY2021-4 Roto-Rooter $650.00, repay w/s svgs for ½ of jetter $5,830.00 for a total of $6,480.00.  Art Nutzhorn 2ndRyan Kelly voted no, motion passed.


Art Nutzhorn made a motion to adjourn.  Connie Jacobson 2nd motion passed.