Minutes of the September 14, 2020 Meeting



SEPTEMBER 14, 2020


PRESENT:  Mayor Hollis, City Clerk Barbara J Cantwell, Attorney Michael Evans.

Donna Lefler, Art Nutzhorn​​​​​Alderman 1st Ward

Connie Jacobson, Jason Musselman​​​​Alderman 2nd Ward

Ryan Kelly, Rob Finney​​​​​​Alderman 3rd Ward

CALL TO ORDER:  Mayor Hollis called the regular meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

MINUTES TO AUGUST 10, 2020 MEETING:  Changed the first sentence under MINUTES TO JULY 13 MEETING to read, Jason Musselman made a motion to accept the minutes to the June 8th meeting.  Page 2 perdiem is one word per diem.  Page 4 under CROSS COUNTRY 2nd sentence add team after country to read cross country team for Stark County. Donna Lefler made a motion to accept the minutes as amended.  Rob Finney 2nd motion passed.

MINUTES TO SPECIAL MEETING AUGUST 24, 2020:  Jason Musselman made a motion to approve the minutes from the Special Meeting on August 24, 2020.  Art Nutzhorn 2nd motion passed.

CASH RECEIPT REPORT:  Total Cash Receipts for August 2020 is $227,507.44.  Rob Finney made a motion to accept the Cash Receipt Report for August 2020.  Donna Lefler 2nd motion passed.

TREASURER REPORT:  Treasurer Report for August 2020 is $1,088,230.38.  Donna Lefler made a motion to accept the Treasurer Report for August 2020.  Rob Finney 2nd motion passed.


REPORT FROM CITY EMPLOYEES/COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN:  Jake Streitmatter reported the city employees have completed running water to the new concession stand and waiting on the plumbing to get done.  The fuel tanks have been moved and waiting on pouring the cement pad.  Barbara Cantwell reported that the Election will be on April 6, 2021.  The Caucus will be on December 7, 2020.  The positions up for election are:

​Mayor​​​​Alderman Ward 1

​City Clerk​​​​Alderman Ward 2

​Treasurer​​​​Alderman Ward 3

APPROVAL OF SUBMITTED CLAIMS:  No changes or amendments.  Rob Finney made a motion to accept the claims as submitted.  Connie Jacobson 2ndmotion passed.

ATTORNEY REPORT:  Jason Musselman found the 1997 version of the city’s code book.  Mr. Evans will compare it to the current codebook.  Mayor Hollis is un- certain if this new codebook has ever been ratified by the city council.  Jason Musselman reported that the new park sign that Doug Haffner was going to make for the city is half paid ($237.50) and hasn’t heard anything from him, nor he is not returning any calls. Total cost for the sign is $475.00.  Mr. Evans is going to send Mr. Haffner a letter.  

CEMETERY:  Jake and Josh have gone to a class on fixing head stones.  They have fixed two stones already and will be able to repair the stones needing done.

UPTOWN SIDEWALK PROJECT:  Justin Reeise has not made it to the meeting yet, so Jason Musselman made a motion to suspend the agenda and readdress SPRAY PATCH BIDS, WATER TOWER AND UPTOWN SIDEWALK PROJECT after FIRE HYDRANTS in the unfinished business.  Donna Lefler 2nd motion passed.

CURBS AT SCHOOL:  Bob Price has not submitted a quote.  


FIRE HYDRANTS:  The city has no idea what kind of shape the mains are in, so it is hard to get any kind of idea what it will cost to isolate the main, to install the hydrants.  Jason Musselman made a motion to authorize the line stops from Heir Construction for fire hydrant replacement.  (3 hydrants on Jefferson, 1 on corner of Olive and Vine Street).  Art Nutzhorn 2ndRyan Kelly voted nay, motion passed.

UPTOWN SIDEWALK PROJECT:  Justin Reeise showed the council some plans for the uptown sidewalk project that was about 75% done, just to give the council an idea of how it would look if approved.

WATER TOWER:  No business on the water tower.

SPRAY PATCH BIDS:  Waiting on IDOT to approve the agreement.   Jason Musselman made a motion to accept Ace in the Hole bid for $14,513.00.  Ryan Kelly 2nd motion passed.

PUBLIC CONCERNS:  Jason Musselman read a letter from Misty Turnbull saying the City workers have done good work at their job.  The fire dept. training facility has commenced, the concrete has been poured and the other work has begun.  

POLICE BODY CAMS:  Gary Bent reported the body cams that were purchased previously can’t be fixed or repaired.  Gary is wanting to buy 4 new body cameras.    Jason Musselman made a motion to purchase 4 MIUFLY HD Police Body Cameras running $159.99 each, with the 3-year protection plan and computer equipment, not to exceed $1000.00.  Art Nutzhorn 2nd motion passed.

LIFT STATIONS:  Mayor reported there is an ongoing issue with some septic systems being connected into the city storm sewers.  The Mayor is working with Dorothy David with the health dept. with these issues.  Mrs. David is really encouraging the city to put in a sanitary lift station in these areas.  

BIKE LANE SIGNS:    Jason Musselman made a motion to table till next meeting.

Rob Finney 2nd motion passed.



ELECTED PAY:  No action was taken at this time.

SIDEWALK:  The Mayor has been approached about the sidewalk in front of Gerber’s residence on North Miller St.  The retaining wall in front of the house will be removed.  It is the sidewalk that needs to be done but probably will not get done before winter.

TIF:  Rob Finney made a motion to pay FY2021-5 Oberlander Elec $1,591.96, Roto Rooter $1,250.00 for a total of $2,841.96.  Ryan Kelly 2nd motion passed.


Rob Finney made a motion to adjourn.  Art Nutzhorn 2nd motion passed.