Minutes of the August 9, 2021 Meeting



AUGUST 9, 2021


PRESENT:  Mayor Larry Hollis, City Clerk Barbara J. Cantwell, Attorney Kate Carter

Donna Lefler, Art Nutzhorn 1st Ward Alderman

Jason Musselman, Connie Jacobson 2nd Ward Alderman

Ryan Kelly (absent), Rob Finney 3rd Ward Alderman

CALL TO ORDER:  Mayor Hollis called the regular meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag.

MINUTES TO THE JULY 12, 2021 MEETING:  On page 1 under Cash Receipt Report and the Treasurer Report change the Cash Receipts and the Treasurer Report to June instead of July 2021 in 4 different places.  Donna Lefler made a motion to accept the minutes as amended.  Art Nutzhorn 2nd motion passed.  Ryan Kelly absent

CASH RECEIPT REPORT:  Total Cash Receipts for July 2021 is $375,070.37.  Jason Musselman made a motion to accept the Cash Receipt Report for July 2021.  Rob Finney 2nd motion passed Ryan Kelly absent.

TREASURER REPORT:  The Treasurer Report for July 2021 is $1,411,158.56.  Connie Jacobson made a motion to accept the July 2021 Treasurer Report.  Donna Lefler 2nd motion passed Ryan Kelly absent.

REPORT FROM CITY EMPLOYEES/COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN:  Josh Allen reported that the City employees have been working in the Cemetery, downtown cleaning up storm sewers and hopefully will be getting the diamond maps up and going soon.  Jason Musselman reported he thought the downtown was looking nice for 

the weekend and he appreciated their help getting ready for the Old Settlers Weekend.  

APPROVAL OF SUBMITTED CLAIMS:  Rob Finney reported there were a few changes to the claims.  Under Core & Main LP changed 52-00-928 to 52-00-652.  Ed’s Heating changed 01-52-628 to 01-52-511.  German- Bliss Equipment changed 01-41-655 to 01-41-612.  Grainger changed 01-41-992 to 01-41-612 & 01-41-655 to 01-41-612.  Menards 01-41-655 to 01-41-928, under Wash, Gloves, Mulch, Wipes, Mop, Bucket.  Under Mulch changed 01-51-629 to 01-52-880.   Rob Finney made a motion to accept the claims as amended.  Donna Lefler 2nd motion passed Ryan Kelly absent.

ATTORNEY REPORT:  Kate Carter reported she has spent some time with Gary Bent at the court house going over 6 orders for property clean up.  If the property is not cleaned up voluntarily then the City can clean them up and apply a lien for all costs.  

VEHICLE ORDINANCE:  Going over the ordinances and found several of the same that are different.  Kate is trying to compile the ordinances to make one.

CODIFICATIONS:  On going review.

MID CENTURY (INTERNET & PHONES) Jason Musselman reported that there has been no changes and he will monitor the contract and start dates for new service.  Jason is also still tracing one line.

LIFT STATION:  Ed Andrews reported that they have met with the contractor out in the field and one item in the plans was tree removal and it was not in the contract.  They are going to have Saw-N-Logs the opportunity to look at them.  The project is progressing to where it should be at this point.  There is a storm sewer that is a potentional conflict.  There are some people that are tied into that cuts across the project and the contractor has raised that as a concern.  The project could be above the storm sewer but that is being looked into.

UPTOWN SIDEWALK PROJECT:  Plans have been into IDOT.  They will generate the City State Agreement.  Which is a standard agreement that formalizes things such as lights on the states right-away .  The project is ready to be put out for bid.  

MFT:  Ed Andrews reported we had only one bidder out of Rockfalls (Porter Bros.) and it was over the engineers estimate.  Their prequalifications had lapsed at that time and could not make the award but it was Springfield’s fault not getting to it in a timely manner.  The bidder is now prequalified.  The discussion was, if the city would remove the sidewalk component making it cheaper, we could make the award to the contractor, (Porter Bros out of Rockfalls).  Now there is another contractor out of Wyoming interested, Potter & Sons.  So there is still time to put it out for bid again.  Because of the time span Jason Musselman made a motion to accept the bid of Porter Bros. from Rockfalls with the revision of the sidewalk work.  Art Nutzhorn 2nd Rob Finney abstained, Donna Lefler voted no, Mayor Hollis voted yes to break the tie, motion passed.  Ryan Kelly absent.  

SIDEWALK AT STARK CO. HISTORICAL:    Bob’s Concrete submitted a quote for the sidewalk at the Historical building for $10,600.00.  This consists of tearing out existing walk and curbing, pour and finish new walk to ADA specifications, 12’ of new walkway to be 6” thick for driveway.  Jason Musselman made to accept the quote for $10,600.00 for sidewalk and curb at the Historical Society.  Rob Finney 2nd motion passed. Ryan Kelly absent

WATER MAINS AT STARK COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL:  The water line runs in the parking lot directly south of the high school and the hydrant needs to be moved farther out in the parking lot.  The contractor will be doing the work and the city will reimburse them for the job.  The project will run approximately $70,000.00 as long as they don’t have to do anything under pressure.   This is a TIF eligible project.  

ORDINANCE #915 NEW GOLF CART /UTV:  The City attorney has made up an  ordinance allowing UTV’s (side-by-sides) on city streets along with golf carts.  Jason Musselman made a motion to accept Ordinance #915.  Rob Finney 2nd motion passed.  Ryan Kelly absent

PUBLIC CONCERNS:  Jeff Monnich was present to address the council because his property at 413 E. Jefferson has been sighted for nuisance. He would like to possibly see if the City would purchase the property for $4,000.00 from him. Jason Musselman recommend that this subject be put on the Special Meeting Agenda.  Also, Jeff suggested having things such as a pool, movie night, speed bumps in town.  Jason Musselman said he had been contacted about the corner of Main and Olive St.  It is hard to see when trying to make a left hand turn.  Donna Lefler asked when the City vacates an alley and gives it to someone, what are the steps that need to be done?  City attorney said there should be an Ordinance done and recorded at the county.  Donna asked if a deed has been done after the alley was vacated on the 200 block of East Vine to Mr. Langdon. The City attorney is going to check on this.

SIDEWALK AT 308 E. GREENWOOD:  This is property owned by Tom Pearson.  The City will pay for the labor and owner has to pay for the concrete.  Tom needs to fill out an application at City Hall.  

LAPTOP: Mayor asked the council if there could be a new laptop purchased for him.  Jason Musselman made a motion to approve the purchase up to $1,000.00 for a laptop for the Mayors use.  Art Nutzhorn 2nd Donna Lefler voted no, motion passed. Ryan Kelly absent. 

TIF:  Nelson Auto has handed in an application for ½ of the cost of the blacktopping of the sales lot in the amount of $12,750.00.  Rob Finney made a motion to approve the application for the amount of $12,750.00 for Nelson Auto.  Donna Lefler 2nd motion passed.  Ryan Kelly absent.

Jason Musselman made a motion to approve Jacob & Klein $469.05 and Economic Development Group $1,876.20 for a total of $2,345.25.  Art Nutzhorn 2nd Donna Lefler voted no, motion passed.  Ryan Kelly absent.

Rob Finney made a motion to pay FY2022-5 Dooley Bros $2,787.48, Water Products Bloom $4,965.00, repay w/s for $127.41 for a total of $7,879.89.  Connie Jacobson 2nd motion passed.  Ryan Kelly absent.


Jason made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 8:05 p.m.  Rob Finney 2nd motion passed.  Ryan Kelly absent.