Minutes from the October 16, 2019 Meeting



OCTOBER 16, 2019


FINANCE COMMITTEE:  Met in the water dept. bldg. on 10/16/19 at 1:30 p.m.

PRESENT:  Mayor, Art Nutzhorn arrived late, Donna Lefler (1st Ward), Connie Jacobson, Jason Musselman (2nd Ward), Rob Finney, Ryan Kelly (3rd Ward), Barbara J Cantwell, Michael Evans, city attorney was absent.

CALL TO ORDER:  Mayor Hollis called the regular meeting to order at 6:30 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

MINUTES TO THE SEPTEMBER 9, 2019 REGULAR MEETING:  Ryan Kelly was absent.  On the 2nd page, the last 4 sentences under MEDIACOM ORDINANCE where Jason asked about the codification needs to be moved under the ATTORNEY REPORT. Page 3 under PUBLIC CONCERNS 3rdsentence change the spelling poll to pole. Under the PAD FOR DUMPSTER IN PARK, 2nd sentence change have to has.  Jason Musselman made a motion to accept the September 2019 minutes as amended.  Rob Finney 2nd motion passed.  Ryan Kelly abstained & Art Nutzhorn absent.

MINUTES TO THE SEPTEMBER 30, 2019 SPECIAL MEETING:  Under WASTEWATER VALVE 4TH line add remotely after the word adjusted. Jason Musselman made a motion to accept the minutes for the September 30th Special Meeting as amended.  Ryan Kelly 2nd motion passed.  Connie Jacobson abstained.  Art Nutzhorn absent.

CASH RECEIPTS REPORT:  Total Cash Receipts for September 2019 is $70,577.58.  Rob Finney made a motion to accept the Cash Receipt Report for September 2019.  Connie Jacobson 2nd motion passed.Art Nutzhorn absent.


TREASURER REPORT:  Treasurer Report for September 2019 is $970,052.84.  Donna Lefler made a motion to accept the Treasurer Report for September 2019.  Rob Finney 2nd motion passed. Art Nutzhorn absent.

REPORTS FROM CITY EMPLOYEE/COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN:  Rob Kamerer reported that all 10 samples of lead and copper had passed.  Barbara Cantwell reported that there have been problems with the handheld unit and the computer with the program on water meter readings.

APPROVAL OF SUBMITTED CLAIMS:    Rob Finney made a motion to approve the claims as submitted.  The committee is going to look further at one of the bills.  Donna Lefler 2nd motion passed.  Art Nutzhorn absent.

ATTORNEY REPORT:  Mr. Evans was not able to attend tonight.  

SIDEWALK BID: Justin Reeise came and reported that there was 1 bidder.  His bid was $84,903.91 which was about $10,000.00 less than the engineers’ estimate. The bidder is Illinois Civil Contractors. The City is wanting to replace sidewalk from the northwest corner of Nelson’s car lot to the northeast corner of the Gazebo lot.  The City wants to try to lower the costmore.

MEDIACOM ORDINANCE:  Tabled till next month.

WITTE PROPERTY:  David Cover is going to take out the part of us being liable for the dumpsite on the Witte property.  The lease states that the city would return the property to the condition that is was before being a dump with normal wear and tear.  David Cover talked with Mr. Evans and the Witte’s are going to leave the lease as is and not terminate.  

TREE STUMPS:  Saw-N-Logs ground 2 stumps on S Union St.  for free because they used our chipper.  It has not been determined as of yet about removing the other stumps in town.

PAD FOR DUMPSTER BY PARK:  Jason spoke with Dorothy David with the Health Dept. just to clarify that the dumpster pad does not have to have a lip on it when 


poured.  The quote for the pad (16′ X 22′ & 6″ thick) and the ADA sidewalk for handicap access into the park on the west side of the dumpster are $3,164.00.  Jason made a motion to approve Bob’s Concrete bid for $3,164.00.  Ryan Kelly 2nd motion passed.

DUMPSTER AT SEWER PLANT:  Put an ad in the paper for no dumping in the dumpster at the sewer plant.

FENCE ESTIMATE:   Tabled till next month


MIDCENTURY:  Midcentury would like to bring fiber-optics into the city which would be faster internet and phone services. Midcentury would like to set up a town hall meeting to see if anybody is interested.  This will be on next month’s agenda.

SOFTWARE MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT:  We have a quote from Ferguson Waterworks for maintenance on the handheld, software, belt clip, and pocket pro reader.  The cost is $2,826.09.  Jason Musselman made a motion to approve the hardware and software maintenance agreement with Ferguson Waterworks for $2,826.09.  Rob Finney 2nd motion passed.

ORDINANCE ENFORCEMENT:  When we write any kind of an ordinance violation and it gets to the court systems, they are given a fine, there is no way for the City to make them pay.  So, the City would like to tie the charges to their water bill.  If they don’t pay the fine the water will get shut off. This will be on next month’s agenda.

WATER METERS:  There is a quote of $3,356.16 from Ferguson Waterworks for 12 new meters. The council would like to see what the larger meters cost for Blanks trailer court.  Donna Lefler made a motion to buy 12 new water meters for $3,356.16.  Ryan Kelly 2nd motion passed.


HALLOWEEN HOURS:  The hours will be 5:00 to 7:00 on Halloween night and there will also be Trunk or Treat uptown. Businesses and churches will be participating.

EMERGENCY LIGHTS-WATER PLANT BLDG.:  None of the emergency lights work at the water plant.  The cost of the lights from H & H Industries, Inc. is $640.00 minus $200.00 because our employees can install them.  Ryan Kelly would like Rob to check and make sure if the employees install the lights and if something goes wrong will the lights be covered under warranty.  Ryan Kelly made a motion to buy 4 emergency lights for the water plant thru H & H Industry for $640.00.  Art Nutzhorn 2nd motion passed.  

ELEVATOR DRAINAGE:  Rob Kamerer reported about having some complaints about drainage.  Rob reported that he and Mike Richardson extended the drainage a few years ago to the manhole.  When it rains now the water just blows out the manhole and pools there.  The drainage should flow to the west from the manhole into the ditch.

CIVIC ASSOCIATION:    Jason reported a building permit was issued from the county for the concession stand at no charge and the health department is working on their approval for the plan.  

TIF:  Jason Musselman made a motion to approve the 3rd Quarter payment to Jacob and Klein for $458.90 and the Economic Dev. Group for $1,835.60.  Ryan Kelly 2nd motion passed.  Teresa Macy reported the TIF Joint Review Board is having their annual meeting at the City Hall at 5:00 p.m. on Oct. 30th.


Rob Finney made a motion to adjourn at 8:17. Connie Jacobson 2nd motion passed.